Tanning at Iron Horse Nutrition

Clean and simple.

Level 1 bed

That's what tanning is all about at Iron Horse Nutrition. We want to make your tanning experience one of comfort and convenience.

Here's what we offer:

We offer three levels of tanning. You pay the same low price regardless of the level.

It's that simple!

Level 2 bed

Not sure what level is right for you? Our trained staff can help you determine what level tanning bed and time limit is appropriate for your skin type.

We carry a variety of tanning lotions, including bronzers, boosters and tan optimizers from top name brands like Ed Hardy by Tanovations, California Tan and more.

Tanning Packages

Ultra-bronzer Wide-body bed

One Tan   $9.00

Five Tans    $39.00

Ten Tans    $69.00

30 Day Pass    $59.00

90 Day Pass    $139.00

Gift Certificates available too!

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